Fohow YANG-SHENG Meridians Massager

Fohow YANG-SHENG Meridians Massager

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FOHOW Meridian Massage Machine
The wonder healing and treatment therapy machine.
1. It is for therapeutic purpose
2. It is used for treatment, to maintain your health, & to prevent sickness & disease
equivalent to 10 times of normal body massage.

Product Description

The BEM 3.0 device is more convenient to use, there is also an additional ability to work from USB- CHARGING (there is a connector for connecting a bank).

The ultrasonic nozzle provides a powerful permeability, promotes the best absorption of nutrients and has a minimum number of contraindications. It has a cosmetic effect and it contributes to a weight loss. It’s easy to use and suitable for long-term use.

Cosmetic Functions of Ultrasonic Nozzle

  • Micro plastic surgery effect
  • Improving blood circulation, normalizing metabolism,
  • Increasing cellular activity
  • Anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Increases muscle tone
  • Detoxification
  • Improves condition and tightens the skin
  • Deeply moisturizes through micro-massage
  • Improves ion exchange, enhances the production of collagen,
  • Improves the structure of scars
  • Leaves the skin extremely rejuvenated, refreshed and regenerated

THE YANG-SHENG FOHOW MERIDIANS MASSAGER is a bioenergy body massager, which effectively helps improve the general condition of the body. The massager helps to eliminate toxins from the body, get rid of pain, cleanse the blood, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve sleep quality, slow down the aging process, and strengthens the immune system and the body’s ability to self-repair. It also helps to regulate the functioning of the internal secretion system, strengthen the muscles and bones, improve the condition of the spine, regulate the autonomic nervous system, regulate the endocrine system, increase sexual function, and purify the meridians. It is painless and safe.

Recommendations for use:

  1. Diseases of the cervical and lumbar spine, diseases of the joints. Shoulder periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, pain in lower back and hips, hyperostosis, bruises, damage of the soft tissues, damage to the bone tissue, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, etc.
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach and intestines, chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, constipation, chronic diarrhoea or haemorrhoids.
  3. Diseases of the nervous system, insomnia, nervous exhaustion, dizziness or noises in the ears.
  4. Gynaecological and urological diseases, prostatitis, chronic hyperplasia of the prostate gland, menstrual pain, amenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis or menopausal syndrome.
  5. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes, complications after brain concussions, various ischemic diseases or anaemia.
  6. Skin diseases.

The massager combines the principles of traditional teachings in Chinese medicine concerning the meridians (energy pathways in the body) and the internal organs with the latest achievements of modern science in fields such as Bioinformatics, Bioenergetics, and Neurology. With the use of modern technology, the massager simulates the effects of physical therapies and traditional Chinese medicine techniques, such as Acupuncture, Gua Sha, Tui Na Massage, Moxibustion, and Vacuum therapy. The meridian massager provides a rapid and tangible physiotherapeutic effect through a directional impact on the biologically active points. It instantly clears the meridians, improves blood circulation, increases the body’s energy and restores the Yin-Yang balance of the internal organs. It can be used to prevent and to treat diseases, as well as to maintain good health.
The meridians massager is the perfect combination of traditional Oriental medicine techniques and modern scientific developments. The appliance kit includes special gloves that enable the biologically active points to be stimulated in the correct direction to achieve the best results.

The principal of the operation of the Meridians massager

    The principle of the massager’s working is based on the teachings concerning the meridians in traditional Chinese medicine, a key aspect of which is the expression: “Where there is no obstruction, there is no pain. Where there is obstruction, there is pain.” The obstructions, in this case, refer to a disturbance of the Meridians activity, Chi energy and the blood circulation, which forms congestion and causes pain. The massager combines the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science. Chinese medicine states – In Chinese medicine, the meridians are the energy pathways in the human body, which flow within the body and exist in corresponding pairs. Each Meridian has many acupuncture points along its path. It is stated that; “The meridians determine life and death, they can get rid of hundreds of diseases, and they can regulate the empty and full, so they should not be closed.” The meridians of the human body are the lifelines. They link the five tight and the six hollow organs and limbs of the body, and they play a crucial role in the therapeutic and health-improving techniques of traditional Chinese medicine.

The massage device is used to maintain total health.

One bioenergy massage (approx. less than an hour) equates to:

  • Elimination of toxins of pathogenic factors (wind, cold, humidity, heat)
  • corresponds to 10 classic massages
  • corresponds to 45 minutes of lymphatic detoxification
  • corresponds to 1 hour of cleaning the energy channels of the whole body
  • fat loss is equivalent to 6 km race
  • complies with three whitening and moisturizing procedures for the whole body
  • corresponds to anion absorption in 3 hours
  • equivalent to 500 reps of chest press
  • corresponds to 36 million cell movements
  • corresponds to the removal of 4.1 grams of toxins from internal organs

Contraindications and recommended precautions concerning the use of the Bio Energy Massager

1) A lack of a customer trust and their skeptical attitude towards the massage procedure, a customer does not want to cooperate with a specialist performing the massage.

2) Tumours, blood diseases, infections, mental disorders, severe heart diseases, brain and lung pathologies.

3) Bone fractures, haemorrhages and tendency for haemorrhages, muscle, tendon and ligament tears, skin injuries, ulcers, boils, and abscesses.

4) Spine malformations, bone stenosis of the spinal canal, stenosis of intervertebral foramina.

5) Pregnancy, menstruation, post-partum bleeding.

6) Aging-associated diseases, exhaustion, excessive hunger; it is not recommended to use the device during thirty minutes after a meal or in people under the influence of alcohol.

7) High blood pressure (over 160/120), an implanted cardiac pacemaker, and other implants.

8) Children under 8 years of age.

9) Do not use during a thunderstorm.





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