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◼ Eliminates menstrual cramps
◼It relieves stress
◼It eliminates odour
◼Absorption rate is very high
◼ It is anti bacterial, very hygienic.
◼ Promotes metabolism and improves endocrine functions

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Product Description

Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin(280mm)

Nouripad Anion Sanitary napkin Relieves Menstrual Pain and preserves health. Effective For Yeast Infection, dryness In Vagina, Gonorrhea

NORLAND ANION SANITARY NAPKIN was made to ease the monthly discomfort of women. It is cost effective because it is dry & odor free all day you only need 1 pad a day compared to other local brands that need to be replaced every hour or two. It has 8 layers of protection designed for comfort, odorless pad & dry feel as each napkin has the capacity to absorb 200 ml of liquid and still remain dry!!

It helps prevents women’s problems such as itchiness, sensitive lower back pain, instability, urinary tract diseases & others. It has leakage prevention even on the heaviest flow because of maximum absorption & 3 dimension protection wings. It kills bacteria using a designed magnetic strip.

Features and Benefit of Nouripad Anion Sanitary Napkin

All pads are air tight sealed & packed in a premium re-sealable aluminum packaging for maximum hygiene & clean

  1. Has 8 layers made of cotton
  2. Far infrared prevents and cures fibroid
  3. Prevents ovarian cysts, infections etc.
  4. Contains anions that kill bacteria
  5. Eliminates odour and prevents itching
  6. Cures and prevents rashes in vagina.
  7. Effective in treating and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection);Fibroids; Cysts; Dysmenorrhea (Painful Mensuration); Hormonal Imbalance, Infertility, Vaginal Odor Endometriosis Problem, Prostate Problem.
  8. It Relieves menstrual Pain and preserve health
  9. Anti- bacterial, anti- inflammatory
  10. Eliminates Odor, helps relieve stress.
  11. Energizes the body.
  12. It promotes metabolism and can also absorbs up to 200ml of flow.
  13. Kills 99.9% bacteria-Promotes blood circulation-Magnetic and far infrared-Detoxifies the body




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