How do I treat prostatitis?

How do I treat prostatitis?

Prostatitis has bacterial prostatitis and non bacterial prostatitis. CPPS (Chronic pelvic pain syndrome) is also a kind of prostatitis.

Doctors generally prescribe antibiotics to treat prostatitis. This does have some relief, but it cannot be completely cured. Because antibiotics are mainly used to kill bacteria, the root cause of prostatitis is compression and stasis. It is necessary to clean stasis and metabolizing toxins, relieve compression, restore glandular function, and improve disease resistance in order to truly cure prostate disease.

The most important thing is to clean stasis and metabolic toxins. Starting from the root cause of prostate disease, can the disease be truly solved.

Suggest you take Prost-Care Herbal Formula, This is a new type of plant combination formula. All raw materials are edible and medicinal natural plants, which are very safe. By improving microcirculation, inflammation and prostate glands can be reduced. Relieve irritation and compression of urethra and nerves. Relieving and eliminating symptoms, restoring gland function, reestablishing glandular immune system, and ultimately curing prostate disease completely.

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