Fohow guifei Bao

Fohow guifei Bao

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Bad smell in the vagina,
Non-bloody discharge from the vagina (reddish leucorrhea, clot kicked, greenish …)
Inflammation of the vagina or cervix (Colpitis),
Vaginitis (irritation or itching of the vagina),
Vulvar pruritus
Cervical erosion,
Ovarian Cyst,
Abnormal bleeding (Cervical polyp),
Irregular menstruation,
Dysmenorrhea (painful periods),
Postpartum hemorrhage,
Sterilization and excretion of waste products from the vagina
Vaginal and uterine constriction
Maintaining beauty by removing spots and acne.
Prevention and treatment of prostate
Relieves pain caused by sinusitis

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Product Description

Self-examination: You need only one pill to know if you have Gynecopathy or not.
Self-cleaning: You only need one pill to remove toxins and wastes inside your vagina.
Self-treatment: only one pill is needed for the treatment of diseases like myoma, cervical erosion, ovarian cyst.
Self-beautification: improve the quality of the face, asteatosis, wrinkled skin, relieves pallor, eliminates spots, cutis, etc.
Self-nourishing: You need only one tablet per month to prevent gynecological diseases, constriction of vagina and uterus and to regain beauty.
This is why we say that this product is your gynecologist, your laboratory technician, your surgeon, your pharmacist and your esthetician





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