Oral Ulcer No Pain Treatment Wrist Low Level Laser Therapy Device Digital Laser Watches

Oral Ulcer No Pain Treatment Wrist Low Level Laser Therapy Device Digital Laser Watches

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Product Description

Oral & Throat Application treatment range:

Snore, pharyngitis, mouth or tongue skin ulcer.

Wrist Part treatment range:

Balance the High blood pressure, Reduce the High cholesterol, High blood fat, High blood sugar and High blood viscosity;

Reduces risk of heart attack, Reduces risk of stroke, Reduces inflammation and swelling;

Energizes cell activity and bloodstream, Strengthens the immune system;

Regulates blood flow and circulation, Enhances oxygen carrying capacity.

Improves cell deformability

What is the benefits of the COZING-WS11C-ORAL? 

COZING Laser Watch is an innovative triple-play device that uses the latest research in the field of low-level laser treatments.It combines acupuncture, oral ulcer management and external blood exposure and will be your ideal partner, whether at home, at work or on the go.

650nm Red laser therapy: The 650nm Red Laser activates different enzymes and decomposes redundant fat in the bloodstream . It increases the oxygen activity in the blood, boosts metabolism and enhances the process of lipid per-oxidation to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.

What is oral ulcer?

Injury to the oral mucous may result in a localized defect of the surface in which the covering epithelium is destroyed leaving an inflamed area of exposed connective tissue. Such defects are called ulcer sore erosion (a term commonly used for superficial ulcer). This may either follow molecular death of surface epithelium or its traumatic removal.

Red Laser how to treat oral ulcer?

-Oral irritations such as traumatic ulcers, canker sores, and cold sores can be effectively treated with combined laser therapy.

-Lasers produce a coherent wavelength of red light, which encourages catalytic changes increasing the metabolism of reproducing epithelial and probabilistic cells: the cells involved in mucosal and epidermal wound healing.Most oral ulcers, such as caused by aphthous symptomatic, herpes, and traumatic episodes, will quickly heal when exposed to laser light in the 650nm (red) wavelength range.

-As the laser is passed over the ulcer for several minutes, the patient will feel a warming sensation, but no pain. The laser disinfects the ulcer, reduces the inflammation, and relieves pain, and the overall result will be faster healing of the lesion. The laser will also seal the nerve endings, which reduces pain immediately.

What’s the advantages of laser treatment?

By exposing most lesions to the optimum levels of laser radiation, healing is enhanced several times greater than what is seen in “normal” wound resolution.

Low-level laser treatment is easy to do, safe, low cost per treatment (laser & batteries), painless and effective. Patients who have continuous oral sore problems may be advised to treat their own lesions using their own lasers under proper supervision (e.g., periodic exams). This treatment can reduce much pain and cost over a patient’s lifetime.

How does Laser Therapy Watch Treat Hypertension?

The laser wrist watch is adopted eleven 650nm low-level laser, when cold laser watch irradiates defined acupuncture points on the wrist (radial artery, Antigenic point and nasal cavity appoint), the energy light can be absorbed by cells, to stimulates protein synthesis, help to clean blood vessel waste, improve oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, accelerate blood circulation & human metabolism, reduce high blood viscosity, blood sugar, blood fat, blood pressure, repair damaged nasal mucous and cure rhinitis at the same time.

What’s more, the laser watch can also irradiate the inner area of the nose using the adapter included. The inner area of the nose comprises a multitude of capillaries. The nerves in the nose are stimulated, the blood circulation in the skull is improved and in total the local articulation is thus improved. Furthermore, as a result of the stimulation, more oxygen should be made available in the brain.

By increasing the activity of fibroblasts blue light optimizes wound healing and improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, the laser pad also can be used very successfully in dermatology.

COZING-WS11C Treatment effect:

Treatment Result after 30mins which are observed under microscope, the red cells are activated and distracted.

After 1 ~ 3 months treatment:

Headache,dizziness,chest tightness,shortness of breath, palpitations,drowsiness,insomnia,numbness,memory loss and other symptoms change or disappear.

After 3 months treatment:

User tests changes in blood flow,blood tests,blood viscosity, cholesterol,triglyceride, low density lipoprote or other indicators fall back to normal.

After  6 months  and long term treatment:

Effectively improve and treat some diabetic,specially type2 diabetic sufferer.Effectively the balance of their pancreas function.Long-term using will reject cardiovacular and cerebrovascular & stroke & sudden death & hemiplegia.

Product details & package

This package will including 1*main apparatus+1*connection wire+1*adapter +1*thorat/oral applicator+1*manual book.









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