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Minimum Packet 6 bottles

Function indications:

Relieve pain and stop bleeding, adjust gastrointestinal and immune functions, protect gastric mucosa, and promote ulcer healing


Stomach, duodenal ulcer, acute and chronic gastritis, alimentarytracthemorrhage.



Product Description

Product advantages:

  1. Pure Chinese herbal, selected authentic Chinese herbal with reasonable compatibility, long-term use without toxic side effects;
  2. Comprehensive conditioning: conditioning from four aspects: acid making, pain relief, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory;
  3. Stable curative effect: add here to the treatment course, not rebound is its biggest feature.
  4. Comprehensiveness: a wide range of treatments, while treating gastric ulcers, it also has a good effect on various chronic gastritis and gastrointestinal diseases;
  5. Fast pain relief, good hemostasis, rapid improvement of gastrointestinal function, and not easy to relapse. Chronic inflammation of the stomach, acute attack, 3-5 days of taking can relieve symptoms;
  6. From four aspects of anti-acid, analgesic, hemostasis, and anti-inflammatory. It has the double function of solving problems and consolidating conditioning at one time;
  7. Adhere to the course and not rebound is its most advantage feature. Eliminates the root cause of recurrent stomach problems, so the recurrence rate is low, and the effect is long-lasting;
  8. It has a wide range of applications. While working on gastric ulcers, it also has a good effect on chronic inflammation of the stomach and gastrointestinal problems.

Precautions during taking

  1. During the treatment period, you should develop good eating habits and avoid overeating and irritating foods, such as spicy, raw and cold foods.
  2. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol, avoid fatigue.
  3. Maintain a comfortable mood.





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