Turkesterone Extract Capsule

Turkesterone Extract Capsule

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12000 CFA

1. Promote lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improve protein synthesis, promote muscle growth, improve muscle recovery after exercise, and reduce muscle soreness.
2. Helps build muscle and increase
strength while burning fat to help achieve an ideal body.
3. Increases testosterone levels, reduces fatigue during extreme activities, and improves endurance, strength and performance.
4. Enhance male health, reduce the causes of low libido, and promote optimal performance.
5. It plays an important role in improving memory and immunity

Product Description

Turkesterone supplement is growing in popularity among bodybuilders, athletes and gym goers. It’s a type of natural compound that is linked to improved strength, fat burning, muscle building, and energy boosting.

Turkesterone is a concentrated type of ecdysteroid (also called a phytoecdysteroid), a compound that is naturally found in some insects and plants such as Maral Root and Ajuga Turkestanica. The main reason many users turn to Turkesterone is that it’s a powerful muscle building and performance enhancing supplement. There are not many natural supplements that can effectively build muscle, which is what makes this ecdysteroid different.

If you’re someone who goes to the gym, works out regularly, enjoys strength training or even competes athletically, then a Turkesterone supplement is ideal for you. The effects of the natural supplement can translate to more intense workouts and help with stamina and muscle recovery. It improves muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis.

  • Helps increase muscle growth and one’s muscle-to-fat ratio, thereby improving body composition
  • Supports muscle synthesis by boosting uptake of the amino acid leucine in muscle cells
  • Helps power muscles, improves endurance and prevents feelings of fatigue
  • Promotes more intense workouts and help with building strength and stamina
  • Helps repair muscle fibers that have been broken down after exercise, increase glycogen concentrations in muscles, and support workout recovery
  • Supports mental health by helping the body cope with stress and fatigue
  • Helps in fighting inflammation, boosting antioxidant, improving digestion, and boosting immune function
  • Promotes liver and heart health by lowering cholesterol and blood glucose levels
  • Helps build muscle and increases strength while burning fats to help achieve an ideal body
  • Increases testosterone levels, reduces fatigue during extreme activities, and improves endurance, strength and performance
  • Enhances male health, reduces the causes of low libido, and promotes optimal performance
  • Plays an important role in improving memory and immunity
  • Ingredients: Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Standardized to 10% Turkesterone), Hydroxypropyl-B-Cyclodextrin Complex
  • Quantity: 60 capsules per bottle


Take 1 capsule per day, at morning or in the night.


1. Turkesterone and other ecdysteroids are thought to be safer overall than anabolic steroids, mostly because they do not bind to androgen receptors, which can cause side effects. This means they are unlikely to cause any serious steroidal side effects, such as changes in appetite, mood, libido, hair growth, skin health or sleep.

2. There are potential Turkesterone side effects to be aware of, which can include nausea, upset stomach, lightheadedness and other digestive issues. To avoid these side effects, do not take the supplement on an empty stomach, and always follow dosage recommendations.

3. Look for “Extract 10% Turkesterone” or “Standardized to 10% Turkesterone”. This is the strongest genuine version of Turkesterone commercially available. A 500mg dose of Turkesterone is desirable.

4. Please note that this supplement is not a magical pill; you’ll still need to eat right and train heavy to increase performance and muscle mass.




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