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specific for gastric pain, it resolves acids, circumscribes wounds inside the stomach.



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Definition: what does stomach pain mean?

If you feel pain between the navel and the breastbone, it can come from the stomach but it can also originate in many other organs. Feeling pain there does not necessarily mean that the stomach is involved; you must therefore always act with a certain degree of caution. “These are fairly frequent pains that can be encountered in many favorable circumstances such as stress, pregnancy or even taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The difficulty will be to attribute the pain to such and such a person. organ, knowing that in the vast majority of cases, the underlying pathologies are benign “,

Stomach pain: causes

“The first thing to do if unusual pain occurs in the pit of your stomach when you are pregnant is to rule out causes directly related to the pregnancy. Once this has been done by the obstetrician, three major gastroenterological pathologies can cause a painful sensation in the pit of the stomach “, explains the specialist:

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, which does not necessarily cause acid burns going up to the back of the throat but which can only result in pain or cramps.
A hepatic colic, consequence of a calculation in the vesicle: the classic pain is in the right flank but can also be concentrated in the middle in the “hollow”; it is strong and lasts several hours.
Transit disorders, in particular constipation which causes projecting colic, that is to say bowel pain which is projected in this region.

 what are the treatments to relieve stomach pain?

“Stomach pain is a symptom, but we do not prescribe treatment for a symptom. We tend to give antacids and proton pump inhibitors for a yes or a no when is not necessarily justified. In the event of pain, one can take a bandage but if this need becomes regular, it is necessary to make sure that one is not in the process of masking a pathology “, observes the specialist.

When to see a doctor when you have stomach pain?

Some warning signs should prompt us to consult:

weight loss,
the recent but persistent nature of the pain,
the perception of a lump in the stomach,
blood in stool
advanced age

Tests and stomach pain

In the face of stomach pain, two examinations can be performed. The most classic is gastric fibroscopy which allows you to watch what is happening in the stomach. “It’s a little aggressive routine examination that is done under simple general anesthesia,” reassures Dr. Godeberge. The other, which depends on the context and the age, is the abdominal ultrasound to check, especially in the case of dorsal projection, that the liver, pancreas and gallbladder are doing well.




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