Prost-Care informations

Prost-Care informations

What are the best treatment options for prostate cancer?

To treat prostate cancer, we should first understand the characteristics of prostate cancer:

1. Prostate cancer is an indolent cancer.

2. The development of prostate cancer in the middle and early stages is dependent on androgen

3. It is caused by the long-term deterioration of the internal environment

4. The need for multi-target therapy

At present, western medicines for prostate cancer, such as bicalutamide and abiraterone, can inhibit and cut off androgens, but cannot completely eliminate androgens, which is a temporary method. It is possible that the prostate will shrink in size, but it will not make the cancer go away.

Therefore, in order to truly treat prostate cancer, it is necessary to block androgens; another more important point is to improve the internal environment. If the internal environment is improved, the growth of cancer cells will be inhibited.

The best recommended treatment options are: PROST-CARE HERBAL FORMULA and androgen-suppressing drugs (eg, bicalutamide)


1. Improve the internal environment of the body, eliminate stasis in the body, and relieve oppression;

2. Improve symptoms, even eliminate symptoms, and improve quality of life;

3. Restore the body’s own gland function and improve disease resistance.

Eliminate the environment for cancer cells to grow, and after the environment is improved, the growth environment of cancer cells is missing.

There is also a need to add a target to inhibit androgen, otherwise cancer cells will continue to grow.

In the early and middle stages of prostate cancer, the combined use of PROST-CARE HERBAL FORMULA and androgen-inhibiting drugs (eg, bicalutamide) can inhibit, reverse, or even permanently dormant or eliminate the occurrence and development of prostate cancer.

We treat and study prostate related diseases for over 20 years. If you have any questions, you can contact me


Does Prost-care herbal formula affect sexual function?

Taking Prost-Care Herbal Formula will not cause adverse effects on sexual function. At the same time,
because Prost-Care Herbal Formula has the effect of invigorating the kidney and strengthening the body,
long-term use can comprehensively improve human body functions and play a certain role in maintaining functions.

Can Post-care Herbal Formula be taken for a long time, are there any side effects?

Prost-Care Herbal Formula is a natural plant formula with almost no adverse reactions.
It can not only treat the uncomfortable symptoms caused by prostatitis/prostatic hyperplasia,
but also fundamentally treat prostate diseases. Long-term use can also enhance human immunity,
maintain prostate, improve waist and knee weakness, fatigue and so on.

Can prostatic hypertrophy become cancerous?

Benign benign prostatic hyperplasia is not cancer and does not turn into cancer. The benign growth of the prostate is relatively slow, it is not a tumor, and it does not spread to other parts of the body. However, it is similar to the early clinical symptoms of prostate cancer, that is to say, people with benign prostatic hyperplasia may have tumors at the same time, so it is absolutely impossible to judge by oneself that dysuria is benign prostatic hyperplasia, and it must be checked by a specialist.

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