Tasly Citrus Sour Tablet

Tasly Citrus Sour Tablet

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  • 1. Help to cure damaged hepatic cells
  • 2. Assist in relieving different forms of hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver damages due to food or drug poisoning
  • 3. Improve the environment of liver cells and promote hepatic microcirculation


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Product Description


  •  Hepatic care and nourishment as well as circulatory improvement
  • Beta-carotene is added to improve removal of toxic substances and anti-oxidation, promote hepatic microcirculation, and nourish the liver in multiple aspects.
  • • New efficient and convenient dosage form
  • Effervescent tablet features quick disintegration and high bioavailability. It is convenient to carry and take. The flavor of the tablets is fit for all ages.


  •  Those suffering from fatty liver, alcoholic liver, cirrhosis, and hepatitis A/B/C
  •  Alcohol and tobacco users
  • Overstressed people living an irregular life.

What are the advantages of Citrus Sour?

Citrus Sour is made into effervescent tablet to increase absorption rate. The product helps to relieve hepatitis, cirrhosis and hepatic lesions arising from food or drug poisoning. When the tablet is put in water, considerable bubbles (carbon dioxide) are immediately produced under the action of the disintegrant to cause the tablet to disintegrate and dissolve quickly. Sometimes the bubbles cause the tablet to roll up and down, which quickens disintegration and dissolution. In addition, the carbon dioxide generated when the tablet is disintegrated partly dissolves in the water, giving the drink a taste of soda.






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